If you think 8th or 9th grade is too early for college planning, think again. In today’s complex world, reasoning trumps memorizing, teamwork beats individual genius, and matriculation means nothing without articulation. In short, EQ over IQ. This explains why top universities around the world routinely reject applicants with perfect grades in favour of those with critical thinking skills and empathetic nature. 

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In today’s worldone must have the necessary wherewithal to follow opportunities wherever they exist. You’re no longer competing just with Rashmi next door, but with Nigel from the U.K. and Juan from Brazil, for a seat at elite universities worldwide. You need to stand apart from others and make universities want you.

The only way you can demonstrate you’re special is with activities that you do outside the classroom. After all, top grades and high SAT score, while mandatory, are just numbers. Colleges want to know that you’re more than that. What matters to you? What have you done for society? What are your passions? In short, what makes you, you?

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Why Uwezo Learning

There are 10 reasons why one should choose Uwezo Learning over others. Here, we’ll give you just three of the most important ones:

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Our Team

While our management team has earned its stripes over the past several years (see About Us), what keeps the Uwezo engine running every day is our professional team of teachers, marketeers and administrative staff.

Student Testimonials

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Uwezo SAT Prep gave me more than I could ever expect from an SAT prep course.  It gave me all the confidence I needed to feel successful when I walked into the testing room.


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Uwezo’s SAT Program has a planned and well-designed curriculum that catered to my preparation needs.


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Uwezo helped me a lot with SAT preparation, helping me identify and work on my weak spots and giving me a consistent way to improve and benchmark myself.