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While ACT is unfamiliar to most people outside the U.S.A, it is, Nevertheless, a good option for some students. Uwezo has been offering ACT since 2011, and our students have scored up to 35/36 overall. Additionally, our average score has been 30/36 with 60% of students scoring 32/36.

ACT versus SAT

While most institutes simply give both tests to a student to determine which test is better, we at Uwezo have a different, more effective approach. The first phase involves a meeting with the counsellor and answering short questions, both oral and written. If this doesn’t clearly indicate one test over the other, then the second phase involves a Uwezo-customized evaluation exam which will unequivocally answer the question.

ACT is considered somewhat easier, however, the time allocated to each section is much less per question compared to the SAT. Some students are better equipped for one test over the other. Universities accept either test during the application process, and contrary to popular belief, they do not convert a score from one exam to the other.

In addition to experienced teachers and a 10-year track record, there are three unique reasons why you should choose Uwezo Learning for ACT:

Reason 1: Omar™ ACT Analytics

This one-of-a-kind application will analyse your mock and generate a detailed report pointing out areas of weakness down to the question-type. So, you will realize that not only you need to focus on “Primary Purpose” questions in Reading, but also that this problem is more acute in Science and Literature based passages. Uwezo will then help you overcome the problem through additional practice and coaching. Learn more about Omar™. 

Reason 2: SAT Made Simple

You can either go buy a 1000-page ACT Book or study with Uwezo Learning’s Reading Primer, Writing and Language Primer and Math Primer – each less than 80 pages! After 10 years and helping 100’s of students, we know the psyche of every type of student. With this in mind, we have created our own material to help you master the ACT – with less effort and less stress. Take a quick peek at our Primers.

Reason 3: Dedicated Counsellors and Staff

Our been-there-done-that counsellors, having completed undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States, understand more than just ACT. We don’t do anything in isolation and help you see the big picture – what ACT score you need to get into your dream college, for example. Our dedicated staff tracks your every mock score and sends you emails so you know exactly where you stand, all the time. Meet our counsellors

ACT Classroom Training

Uwezo Learning’s ACT coaching involves a total of 45 hours of in-class instruction, followed by up to 12 or 15 mocks. After coaching is complete, practice entails doing practice followed by reviewing the Omar™ Report.  Reviews are provided for the mocks to identify areas of improvement and eliminate lingering doubts.

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