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How to leverage the new ACT rules?

ACT or the American College Testing is an exam that measures the readiness of students for undergraduate colleges in the US and Canada. It mainly has four sections, that is, English, Mathematics, Science and Reading. The score is between 1 to 36...

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How to Ace the Reading Passages Section?

The reading section, in a competitive exam for various college entrances, can prove to be extremely dreadful. Even though, it might sound ‘simple’ to a few, yet would be time-consuming, which may work against your planned time management for each section. Even...

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How has ACT changed for 2021?

The exam season has always been an overwhelming experience for both the students and the professors. It is often accompanied by eagerness, excitement and execution. The grading and marking systems have always been in place for a long time, guiding students’ fundamental...

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How SAT changes can impact Indians studying in the US?

SAT is a multiple-choice entrance exam for student’s post their higher secondary schooling. It measures the student’s readiness for colleges and provides the colleges with a common data entry point useful for comparing the applicants. Registering for an SAT will prove to...

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Ways to build a robust network while studying online

The pandemic has brought the world online. While business, professional and work-related meetings are being held online so are the school and college classes. It is proving extremely difficult for the students to cope up with online studies, especially when it comes...

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How to manage your finances to study abroad

“The big billion dream”, is what we middle class people call it. Ever since India got colonized by Britain, people have fancied the idea of going abroad for higher studies. Earlier it was a part of the status quo, but over the...

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