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Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on your destination of choice. While many countries evaluate criteria beyond academics, USA, in particular has a different admissions process. If you’re aiming for a top university, then college planning must start as early as in 8th or 9th grade. Many parents make the mistake of waiting until 11th or 12th grade thus hurting their chances of being admitted to a good university. You may be interested in Uwezo’s unique College Prep:Peace of Mind™ offering that is a comprehensive approach to college admissions.

We help students gain admission to US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Singapore and Australia. We provide students unbiased opinion based upon their grades in schools or college, scores in aptitude tests, profile, experience and activities. We don’t have any relationships or monitory considerations with any colleges unlike other Overseas Educational consultants. Most of our students go to top schools in the world.

Yes, we do provide under graduate and graduate counselling and help in admissions to top schools.

There are many reasons:

  • Firstly, we hand hold, work with students to find the best fit Universities and meet the deadlines
  • Secondly, we assist in writing world class essays or SoPs for College app, Coalition app, Texas app or UC apps. We also assist in providing supplemental essays required for each university separately.
  • We categorize and select universities into reach schools, medium schools and safe schools for a guaranteed admission.
  • We have our own in-house college applications app, where students keep track of their college application process
  • We make sure your application is complete and without errors
  • Owners themselves are counsellors and have their personal reputation at stake. Also, all counsellors have completed their undergraduate and graduate schooling abroad as such they understand the process of college admissions like no one else. They also have lived and worked abroad for decades.
  • We also assist in taking the documentation for visa purposes.

Yes. 100% of students who came to us have gained admissions abroad.

Some of the top universities are Harvard, Rice, Duke, Cal Berkley, UPenn, UCLA, USC, Georgia Tech, UIUC and many more.

We provide assistance in the process of documentation required for a visa. We don’t claim to have any contacts or relationships with embassy’s or consulates.

Absolutely! Not only that, but Uwezo has a well-defined process for helping you understand whether ACT or SAT is a better fit for you. We have dedicated instructors who really know what they’re doing. Many students have trouble with Reading Comprehension or Grammar. Uwezo has specialists to work with you in deciphering your weaknesses and helping you overcome them. We have several independent modules in Math, English and Science (ACT only) before you move on to the 10-15 mocks tests that we recommend for practice.

Admissions Officers want a consistent track record of performance. Top universities in the US have criteria beyond just academics or SAT/ACT score. They would like to know that the applicant has demonstrated leadership skills, community service, soft skills, etc. While colleges in all countries value extracurricular aspect of your resume, in the USA it can make or break your chances. There the admissions officers apply a different measurement to gauge whether a student is ready for the challenges in college. These “other” traits are as important as getting a high GPA (Grade Point Average) or a top score in SAT or ACT. To know more about what top colleges really need, see our College Prep:Peace of Mind™ offering.

That depends. If a student is looking to get admission into a very sought-after program, it is recommended that the student take subject SATs, even if the college doesn’t ask for it. This will definitely strengthen their application. Most top colleges ask for at least 2 subject SATs to be taken. Some colleges will accept the ACT in lieu of subject SATs, but it’s best to check with an Uwezo counsellor before drawing any conclusions. 

Uwezo can optimize your portfolio in several ways. For instance, if you are a forward-thinker and aiming for a top university, then planning must start as early as 8th or 9th grade. Our College Prep:Peace of Mind™ program is for someone just like you. It’s a comprehensive service that includes all aspects of building an outstanding resume: ACT-SAT training, Subject SATs, Vocabulary Building, Writing Skills, Internships, Leadership Development, college counselling and college applications. Please click here to understand more about this one-of-a-kind service only from Uwezo Learning. What if you’re already in 11th or even 12th grade? No problem. Uwezo can still maximize your chances of college admission. While we might not be able to enhance all aspects of your resume, we can still do a lot. Also, remember that quality essays that articulate who you are and what you care about are important components of a college application. Similarly, teacher recommendations have an impact on your application. Depending on how soon you approach us, we might be able to assign you a leadership project and/or find you a short internship to boost your resume further. 

Yes, yes, yes and yes! Each country follows a slightly different process of evaluating applications. Various universities have their own criteria for IB, IGCSE or CBSE; experts at Uwezo will help guide you in the right direction. A few colleges in some of these countries will require or appreciate SAT or ACT or Subject SATs. Some will offer you only conditional admission until the board exam results are published. Uwezo’s advice is to start the application process early and avoid last-minute emergencies. Almost all these countries, including the USA, will want evidence of English proficiency via TOEFL or IELTS. 

We are different because of many reasons:

  • Firstly, our record shows that our students have consistently scored high scores and we always had the highest score in Hyderabad
  • Secondly our content is superior and those who do at between 12 to 15 mocks have scored 1500 or above. Our workshop material is categorized by topic covered in SAT and we make sure students are proficient. This material is a USP of ours which other don’t practise.
  • Thirdly and most importantly because our mocks are simulated to SAT exam. Students answer in a bubble sheet as in the SAT exam and we produce an analytical report called ‘OMR’ which is a proprietary software which produces and grades students answer sheet similar to College Board. As far as we know, we are the only one producing such detailed reports for a mock in India.
  • We make sure there is an incremental improvement after each mock by closely monitoring students scores by keeping track of the scores and publishing it to parents as well.

Our highest score so far has been 1590 in the recent Oct 2019 exam. We believe it is the highest in India. Our students have consistently done with the highest scores in Hyderabad in SAT exam. We generally have about a dozen 1500’s SAT exam between both our centres.

It is difficult to say what our average score as we never calculated that. However, if I have to take a guess it will be in 1400+. However, note it all depends upon students. If the students are motivated the results will come. Our process is unique and robust and proven to provide results

Our process is in class room coaching of about 45 hours of training over a period of 2 months. Classes are 2-hour sessions, generally in the evenings on the weekends starting Friday. During these classes’ students get a refresher of the SAT syllabus which is generally their 9th and 10th class syllabus. Not only the students get a refresher, they learn tricks and tips on how to crack the SAT exam. Time is of essence in the SAT exam. Students generally have less than a minute to answer a question and we teach students on how to crack within a minute.

After the classes, we unleash students to take mocks. We generally recommend each student to take at least 15 mocks in a simulated exam environment, where they are monitored and time counted to a second. This will give them the real taste of exam environment. Results are given to students the next day and we ask students to do a self-review of the mock results, to understand where they made mistakes. We believe self-review is the best way to learn from their mistakes. This way, we expect students will not repeat the mistakes. We also do teacher reviews, after each mock to walk through and help students realize and understand their mistakes. During the last month before the exam we give students past SAT exam papers, which is again unique to us in order make them exam ready.

Another important feature of our process is that during the last two to three months before the SAT exam, to make students exam ready we conduct workshops and sweatshops. Here we give students material which is proprietary to us where we categorize worksheets based on topic. We proudly can say that those students who do this material and do each of the permutations of the problems given should be able to get a full score in math and close to full score in writing. Reading is something which can not be taught over few months. A lot depends upon reading habits and comprehending skills of students over their evolving years. However, students are taught different techniques with their constraints such as process of elimination etc for reading.

Generally, batch sizes are around 10 students. Give or take two.

We recommend students take at least around 15 mocks of different complexity before he or she takes the SAT exam. We have more than 30 plus mocks at our disposal for students to take of various difficulty levels. Some of these are past SAT exam papers.

Yes, we provide all the material. During each class students are provided both in class material and homework material. Followed by workshop material during the latter part of the schedule.

SAT exam is conducted four times in a year. It is first Saturday of March, May, Oct and December.

Our classes happen both at Gachibowli and Jubilee Hills centres. We generally start one batch every month at both centres. In some months such as April and May we start 2 batches as students have finished their exams and want classes during day times so we end up doing two batches, so that kids can finish the classes by the time school starts and do mocks, reviews and workshops after school starts in the evenings and weekends.

Except for summers, when classes happen during morning times, school day schedule is generally in the evenings at around 6PM. And on weekdays and weekends, when there is no school, classes start around 10AM.

Uwezo started SAT training around 2010. Our teachers have a minimum of 10 years’ experience teaching various Aptitude tests.

Yes of course. We are so confident of ourselves that you can walk in any time of the day when students are taking mocks or during SAT classes time, and stop any student and ask them about our SAT prep classes.

Founders are US based Technocrats, who have done their undergraduate and Master degrees in US and have worked in US for multiple decades. As a matter of fact, we started this centre to help our own children, which eventually turned into a full-time training centre because of our passion to provide the best.