How did the pandemic force institutions to rethink higher education from the student’s perspective? |

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to impact a lot of industries, lifestyles and even education very negatively. Enrolment, financial, teaching, are just a few of the challenges that universities and colleges are currently facing. They overnight had to shift to remote learning.  Even with the most modern education system, some issues could just not be neglected. This even made the institutions rethink the high education system from the student’s perspective as well.

Students now and in the future will want the ease and affordability of touch-of-a-button and would consider choices inside and outside academia. It is today’s students that are socially conscious and inclined towards activism; both economically and behaviourally. And when it comes to higher education, they will put their money where they believe the college will meet their expectations.

Apart from the latest academic syllabus, institutions dealing in higher education must invest in missions that are more related to the student expectations about social justice issues. Many students want to become responsible global citizens and be prepared for successful and meaningful lives and careers. It is expected that students will demand a learning environment which removes all the barriers and create an inclusive climate that will enable them to fully succeed in not only their academics but their extracurricular pursuits as well.

Moving towards the technical changes, it was seen that the pandemic completely changed the way higher education was perceived. Education has become modern with changes involving artificial intelligence and E-learning playing a vital role. E-learning covers a large array of technology-based learning like video – conferencing, mobile app, websites and other learning portals that students have adapted to as the ‘new normal’.

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