How SAT changes can impact Indians studying in the US? |

SAT is a multiple-choice entrance exam for student’s post their higher secondary schooling. It measures the student’s readiness for colleges and provides the colleges with a common data entry point useful for comparing the applicants. Registering for an SAT will prove to be helpful for entry into colleges in India and abroad. There is plenty of academic scholarship available based on one’s SAT scores. Even Ivy League colleges have SAT as their entry-level examination.


During the time of the pandemic, SAT online coaching in India is taking place so that students can prepare. SAT included lots of topics that weren’t connected to learning in the classroom. The new changes in SAT have made it closer to what students learn in the classrooms in India, benefiting them to do well in the test. The concepts and questions asked in the SAT examination are well covered in schools, making it helpful for the students preparing for it.


In an article by Indian Express it was mentioned that “In order “to reduce and simplify demands on students”, the statement said, they would discontinue the optional SAT essay, discontinue the SAT subject tests, and invest in “a streamlined, digitally delivered test that meets the evolving needs of students and higher education”.”

According to the Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange (IIE), a total of 24,813 Indian undergraduates were studying in the US in 2019. The number accounted for approx. 18% of the total international students. While the enrolment of international students in the US has decreased significantly due to the pandemic; it is expected that the enrolment will bounce back as students have delayed rather than completely decline the university offer. The changes in the SAT examination could impact the test-taking trend among the students who are seeking to travel to the United States in the upcoming years.

In an interview, Mumbai- based education counsellor Karan Gupta said, “The pandemic has changed the way American universities process admissions for international students. For admissions in 2021, universities waived the SAT and SAT subject test requirements completely and instead focused on the student’s past academic history and extracurricular activities. This taught universities that the SAT subject tests are redundant for students who are studying in international boards such as IB and A levels, as the syllabus is the same. For students studying boards such as ISC, CBSE or HSC, AP exams make more sense, as they are more thorough, and more accurately demonstrate a student’s true potential.”

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