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College Application Registration to study abroad for Fall 2019 has started. SAT, ACT, PSAT, IELTS, TOEFL, Subject SAT, AP Classes have started for test takers. Weekend batches available.

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No other curriculum perhaps is more misunderstood than the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Even schools can barely articulate the various components of the IBDP and the connections between them. Sure, everyone knows the buzz words: ToK, EE, World Lit, CAS, etc. But how do these interact with each other and how are they evaluated in the college admissions process? Incomplete and inaccurate information abounds confusing the parents and hastening them toward an uninformed decision. Uwezo understands your frustration and we have several years of experience to help.

Whether you're about to make a decision to pursue IBDP or need help with HL or SL subjects, Uwezo can help. But do not work in isolation or silos. In 11th grade itself you must have a sound plan for college: ACT or SAT, Leadership Skills, Community Service, among others. Uwezo can expertly guide you through this landmine. You might also want to learn about our College Prep program called Peace of Mind™.

Here are some of the features that set us apart:

  • † Average class size of 5 and never more than 9
  • † Differentiated Instruction
  • † Own question bank and mock tests
  • † Indexed past question papers by topic and importance
  • † Regular progress reports
  • † Soft-skilled teachers
  • † Out-of- the-box thinking
And this academic year, 2016, we are introducing Uachieve™, an application that helps each student work at his or her own pace to achieve the target score. Below are the main highlights of Uachieve™.

  • Question Bank with 100's of questions
  • Testing by topic and concept
  • Create your own test by topic and difficulty level
  • Up-to- the-minute report generation with charts
  • Library with chockful of content
  • Tips and Techniques for IB, MYP and IGCSE
  • Optional online classes



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