MBA Admissions Counselling Services in Hyderabad


Before opting for an MBA, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to pursue an MBA?
  2. What college is right for me, and why?
  3. How will an MBA boost my career, whether in India or abroad?

At Uwezo Learning our counsellors not only have pursued Masters in Business, but they have also set up several businesses in their careers – both in India and abroad. So, they are highly qualified and more than willing to answer the above questions.

Once we’ve helped you answer these questions, the process of college selection begins. By the way, Uwezo Learning also offers high quality training in GMAT and GRE. We choose colleges based on your profile and other data which we gather during our counselling sessions. Generally, many colleges would like applicants to have had industry experience prior to applying for an MBA – but not all of them insist on this prerequisite.

Another unique feature of Uwezo Learning is our superior ability to help you frame your Statement of Purpose. Admissions Officers want to understand your motivation for studying MBA, so a well-crafted SoP can be the difference between gaining admission or not. The more we understand your objectives – which happens through counselling sessions – the better we can assist you in writing the SoP. Don’t let anyone undersell you the value of an SoP – it is, often, the most critical  component of your application.