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College Application Registration to study abroad for Fall 2019 has started. SAT, ACT, PSAT, IELTS, TOEFL, Subject SAT, AP Classes have started for test takers. Weekend batches available.

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About Peace of Mind (PoM™)

If you think 8th or 9th grade is too early for college planning, think again. In today's complex world, reasoning trumps memorizing, teamwork beats individual genius, and matriculation means nothing without articulation. In short, EQ over IQ. This explains why top universities around the world routinely reject applicants with perfect grades in favour of those with critical thinking skills and empathetic nature.

Tom Friedman had it right when he wrote The WorId is Flat. The physical lines demarcating countries have been relegated to the atlas, while the social, educational, and economic barriers are fast evaporating. One must have the necessary wherewithal to follow opportunities wherever they exist. Your child is no longer competing just with Rashmi next door, but with Nigel from the U.K. and Juan from Brazil, for a seat at elite universities worldwide. You want to give your son or daughter a fighting chance.

Uwezo Learning's College Prep:Peace of Mind™ comprises of all the right ingredients to help students enter their dream college: Book Club, Writing Skills, Vocabulary Building, Leadership Projects, Career Counselling, Internships, PSAT/SAT/ACT, Subject SATs, Advanced Placement Courses, and College Applications. So, no matter what their future holds - running a business, creating legislation against cyber terrorism, or saving lives in war-torn geographies - PoM students will be ready and willing.

Peace Of Mind

PoM™ Turns Students into Leaders

A group of six 9th and 10th graders showered solar light on the government school at Janwada by raising funds and installing solar panels for their computer room. Even though the school had received a donation of computers from TCS, they could not use them due to sporadic power supply. Now, the computers run 24x7, thanks to our young PoM Leaders. Abhishek Bathina, of Team Solar, says, "I hope Uwezo will continue to provide such challenging and interesting opportunities for us to grow while serving the community!"

When they found out that a small village was being forced to consume contaminated water, a group of 9th and 10th graders decided to take action. The team raised over Rs 1,50,000 and purchased a water purifier machine. They worked with the Sarpanch, who built a room to house the system as well as provided electrical connection. The families can now purchase water from this new setup at one-fourth the cost of buying from regular stores. Ishita Chawla, of Team Water, says, "This project was far more difficult than first anticipated, but the gratification of helping the needy is matchless!"

Shreya Alluri and a few other 11th graders got inspired after watching Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham's invention of a low cost sanitary napkins maker. Since then, they have raised Rs.1,50,000 toward a goal of Rs. 4,50,000. Their vision is to purchase a machine and sell it to local napkin suppliers at a lower cost, which would be passed on to the end users. The team needs to pay salaries to the two or three women needed to operate the machine while also accounting for the variable costs. Shreya Alluri: "This is a fascinating project that not only allows the team to address a serious women's issue, but also enhances our college profile by helping us stand out in a crowd!"

Vamsi Tella was fascinated by drones and 3-D printing technology, so he and his team have combined both into a fun project: they have taken the motor out of an existing drone and are in the process of redesigning the frame, which will be manufactured using a 3-D printer. Subsequently, the old motor will be used with the new drone and made to fly. Wow! Asked about one of the applications for the new drone, Vamsi answered, "Maybe we will fly the Uwezo banner around schools." We couldn't agree more!
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