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Living in a foreign nation is not the same as going there for a vacation. Compared to visiting a city or a country, you’ll get to experience your study abroad destination from a different perspective. You’ll get to immerse yourself with a new language and culture. Moreover, staying out of your comfort zone lets you learn more about yourself and helps you rise to occasions during difficult surroundings and environment.

Why should you study abroad? Isn’t it too early to leave?
Studying abroad will leave you as a completely changed person. All that reverse culture shock, broadening horizons of education, and being independent will give you a life-changing experience and make you a bold and independent person.

It’s never too early to enroll yourself as a foreign university student. Before you decide to leave, ask yourself “Why should I study abroad?”, “How am I going to pay for it?” If you’re clear about these two, you’ll know that it is the right time to come out of that comfort zone and start working towards your goal.

Which countries should you consider?
It isn’t easy to choose a place for your international student experience since you have too many options. Below, we have identified some of the countries to make your life easier.

USA: The Pinnacle of Higher Education, the USA, is a tech-savvy that boasts big cities and thrives as the most powerful and culturally persuasive country in the world. If you’re someone who loves global politics, road trips, and the Hollywood one-liners, this is the country you should consider. The USA boasts of seven of the best top ten universities in the world.

UK: This country has thrived in culture, arts, and internationally renowned higher education, only second to the USA. If you’re a literature buff and have high ambitions, the UK is the study abroad destination.

Europe: If the UK’s charms haven’t impressed you yet, here’s another selection of the most sophisticated and fashionable European countries. France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden – The names are enough for you to put your imagination caps on and live the high-end glamour and long coffee mornings.

Canada: Being the US’s northern neighbour, Canada’s higher education system offers the same benefits as the US. With all the modern comforts of the US, the country’s higher education is the same, but within a subtle environment. Staying back and finding a job is much easier than in the US as they welcome foreigners with technical skills. For adventure lovers, Canada is a great choice.

Expenses involved in Studying abroad
Studying abroad is expensive, and it is a significant deterrent for parents. On average, a semester abroad costs about $18,000, depending upon the institution, this could be higher or lower depending upon multiple factors such as location, prestige, and the quality of education they provide. Besides that, the cost of living and airfare should be considered as well.

However, to make education affordable, some institutions ease the monetary burden by offering Financial Aid to international students. Financial Aid may not apply to all international students. Aid depends upon academic achievement and, in some cases, need-based. However, in the absence of grants, the federal government offers loans, some colleges provide significant Financial Aid. Banks and Govts. of local countries also offer loans.

What do top colleges want in an applicant?

SAT and ACT Test Scores
Not every school relies heavily on SAT and ACT scores, unlike the past. However, getting a score above 1500+ is a must to get into a top school. Many other factors determine admission into a top school. Uwezo Learning can help you identify these, based upon your existing profile.

A Well-Written Essay
Write essays that are relatable and engaging. Admissions officers want a story that can build a personal connection. Instead of focusing on your accomplishments, portray yourself as someone unique and different from others. Remember to include your reason behind the interest in a particular school.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of studying abroad, you’ll be interested in learning that Uwezo’s students have enrolled themselves in some of the world’s best universities through excellent SAT and ACT scores. Uwezo Learning is one of the pioneers in online SAT coaching and career counselling since 2010, and 25% of its students score above 1500 in the SAT exam. If you’re an SAT or an ACT aspirant and planning to pursue undergraduate education abroad, look no further than Uwezo.

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