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PSAT or the Preliminary SAT exam comes in several flavors. Students take the test while studying in different grades. For example, PSAT 8/9 is targeted at students in grades 8 or 9; PSAT 10 is for students studying in 10th grade; and PSAT 11 or NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) is taken in 11th grade. Of course, there is nothing preventing 10th graders from attempting the NMSQT, if they so desire. For U.S. citizens, regardless of country of residence, the NMSQT give a chance to win college scholarship if the score is high enough, which can change every year.

Uwezo recommends that one should take PSAT starting as early as possible. Being very similar to t he SAT, PSAT makes for good practice while getting the students acquainted with timed tests. Uwezo offers all versions of PSAT during different periods of the year.

Uwezo’s instruction of 30-40 hours is followed by a rigorous schedule of mocks and reviews of those mocks. We suggest that one start with PSAT 8/9 and move on to higher versions, although, some 9th graders are ready to take the PSAT 10. The last PSAT exam, NMSQT, is almost at the same level as the actual SAT exam – again serving as a great launching pad for the real test.

Our been-there-done-that counsellors, having done undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States, understand more than just PSAT or SAT. We don’t do anything in isolation and help you see the big picture. Our dedicated staff tracks your every mock score and sends you emails so you know exactly where you stand, all the time. Our test-review-remedy strategy, shown below, ensures that each student gets the score he or she needs.

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