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College Application Registration to study abroad for Fall 2019 has started. SAT, ACT, PSAT, IELTS, TOEFL, Subject SAT, AP Classes have started for test takers. Weekend batches available.

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SAT Coaching and Preparation in Hyderabad - Uwezo Learning

Looking for SAT coaching in Hyderabad? Why go anywhere else when you have right of entry to the acknowledged leader of SAT Coaching, Uwezo.

Arent you frustrated with everyone claiming that they offer the best SAT Coaching - when they clearly dont? Finally, in Uwezo, youve found your match! Every institute claims outstanding scores in SAT Coaching, experienced teachers and dedicated staff. Sure, Uwezo has that, too. But three things make us stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to SAT Coaching:

  • 1. Omar™ - a unique App that analyses each SAT Mock and identifies a students weak areas, down to question type. So, Omar™ can not only identify that your score is low in the History or Literature passage of SAT Reading, but it can also tell you what type of questions in that passage are of concern. This minute level of detail is available for all sections of the SAT Mock. See Figure A below.

  • 2. Once Omar™ has done his part, Uwezo Learning takes remedial action in the way of teacher time and/or extra worksheets, to address the specificweakness in a given SAT Mock. By continuing this process over 10-25 SAT Mocks, any student is assured of getting the desired score. See Figure B below, a process called Test ←→ Review ←→ Remedy™, which guarantees that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • 3. Our Founders and Counsellors have studied undergraduate and graduate programs in the U.S. and then worked in Fortune 500 companies for 25 years. Therefore, Uwezo Learnings expertise does not stop at SAT Coaching: We can guide you on career advice, college applications and beyond. Nobody else can make this statement.


Some SAT Coaching Testimonials in Hyderabad

Avinash Esheta Prathik Rishimukherjee

Sohan Eshaan Ojas Shaurya

Pioneer SAT Coaching in Hyderabad

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Why Uwezo Learning SAT Coaching in Hyderabad

In one word: Omar™. As the below pictures show, only Uwezo Learnings SAT Coaching has the ability to dive into performance analytics down to the question type. As the good doctor said, "Identifying the problem is half the cure!" For every problem a student faces, we have a solution to address it.


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