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While others make tall claims, at Uwezo Learning we show you the difference – below, watch three reasons to understand why our SAT offering is world-class.

1. Online practice and testing – by topic or even whole mock – to reinforce learning. You may practice Geometry, Reading, or Grammar individually, or do a full-length mock. Either way you’ll get your score right away and can review the solution to each question.

2. Mock analysis down to question level – no, we don’t stop at reporting that you need to improve your Math score. We will tell you what topic in Math and even the concept which needs your attention. Same in-depth report is given for English. 

3. We understand that some students are better visual learners. For the Math section in all our mocks, we have recorded explanation for every question if textual explanation is not sufficient. 

To top it all off, we have our own material which adheres to KIS – Keep it Simple – methodology. We’ve condensed Writing and Language rules and techniques into 70 pages, and have in-class and online practice down to the topic level in both English and Math. We will track your performance throughout your stay at Uwezo Learning, so you will always know exactly where you stand.

By the way, we  don’t count hours, only scores. Although we have a schedule, we often extend the number of teaching hours, depending on each class’s need and speed. Our commitment to your success and the discipline that goes into executing SAT training are clearly visible in the scores our kids have achieved, and gone on to top universities in the world!

Avinash (1580)
Esheta (1550)
Rishi (1530)