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College Application Registration to study abroad for Fall 2019 has started. SAT, ACT, PSAT, IELTS, TOEFL, Subject SAT, AP Classes have started for test takers. Weekend batches available.

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Avinash Boddu - SAT score 1580


Uwezo helped me a lot with SAT preparation, helping me identify and work on my weak spots and giving me a consistent way to improve and benchmark myself. The teachers were very helpful and helped me understand the concepts I needed to polish up for SAT and with strategies to use in the different sections. They helped me cover up the weak spots I didn't even know existed!

Sohan Reddy Guduru - SAT score 1570


I got a 1570 in my SAT and Uwezo was a huge part of my journey towards that. Their constant preparation was incredibly useful to me and I will be forever grateful to Uwezo for their guidance.

Rishi Mukherjee - SAT score 1530

Rishi Muhkerjee

Uwezo's SAT prep program helped me learn many months' worth of content in only 20 days and gave me all the practice necessary to take the exam and score 1530 within just two months of me joining. The staff taught me all the essentials and provided indispensable test-taking advice. What I loved most, however, was the fact that Uwezo didn't hesitate to make every resource available to me in the short span of time I had. This came not only in the form of multiple practice papers and tailored feedback from the teachers, but a personal touch that made my experience more colorful. Thank you, Uwezo! Thank you so much for everything, Raj Sir!

Aila (UC Berkeley)

Mom: "My daughter getting into UC Berkeley is definitely the guidance and support from Uwezo without which we would have been lost with too many random suggestions. The professionalism with which, we were guided with respect to exam training and handling of applications is something which we could have never done on our own. Thank you Raj sir and Narmada Mam for your patience and gentle guidance."

Surya (Georgia Tech)

Dad: "As busy parents with limited knowledge about US colleges and admission process, we were so nervous and stressed out. We made one good decision and enrolled Surya in the Uwezo's PoM program. We couldn't have asked for more. Surya got excellent guidance from Raj, Neeradha, and team from ACT/SAT to choice of major to college applications. We are now proud parents of a GaTech student."

College Admissions

"Thank you so much. Wouldn't have been able to do it without you, thank you for helping me bring it all together!!! A scholarship of 8,000 dollars per year". (Sanhita, Undergrad admission at Parons, The New School)

"Arjun got into Bits & IIIT Hyderabad CSE program. He choose to go to IIIT-H. Thanks for all your help." (Geetha- Took SAT at Uwezo)

"A great improvement C (60) to A (85) in Eng Literature. This achievement wouldn't be possible without the help of Uwezo staff. He got A* (90) in Eng Lang and A (85) in Eng Literature. Thank you very much for all the support." (Geetha, IGCSE grade 10 parent)

"He got an A in English and add Math. Got B in Spanish. I sincerely thank you, Raj and English teacher esp for all the guidance and care" (Renuka, IGCSE grade 10 parent)

Abhisekh - 8 A*, 3 A’s and score A in Additional Math under Uwezo guidance.

Anish and Dhruv score A in Additional Math under Uwezo guidance.

Arjun Andra - score A in Literature from C and Language A* under Uwezo’s guidance.

"Uwezo leaves no stone unturned to ensure the success of the students!" Prameela (IGCSE grade 10 parent)

"Uwezo takes personal care of the students and not commercial." Dr. Lakshmi (IGCSE grade 10 parent, 2016)

"Hi Mam please tell Chemistry Sir and Maths Sir and Physics Sir that I topped the school and got an A* in all three subjects." --- Mithul, 10th Grade IGCSE

"The center has been extremely helpful. After I joined the center, I also learned a lot more of what to expect in tests and eventuaLly my boards. What I like most is that the center focuses specifically on IGCSE, so I don't have to worry about going off of the syllabus." -- Madhuri (Grade 10, 2012)

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the classes and extra time that you all took out for me in order to help improve my grades. My grades have improved by a lot since I started coming to uwezo. I got an A star in physics and an A in chemistry and I'm pretty sure i wouldn't have achieved this without uwezo. Please say thanks from me to my teachers." Soumika (Grade 9, 2014)

"Thanks to Uwezo for being such a big part of Isha’s high school, 11th and 12th. She would not have come through without Uwezo and I wish your institution plenty of success. You guys gave her both confidence and support. IB was doable coz of Uwezo and full credit to all the wonderful teaches." - Anita (parent of IB graduated student, 2016)

"I would like to thank you for co-ordinating my classes, Ms. Sireesha for help with maths, Mr. Venu for help with physics and Mr. Banu for help with chemistry. Please extend a heart-felt thanks from my side as the exams would've been much more difficult for me. I will come down some time to thank you and the teachers personally, but I am on my short 2 week vacation now." - Shoham (IB student, 2015)


Student : Aanchal
Grade : X 2014
Aanchal's mother said, "Aanchal improved a lot after coming to Uwezo and now focusing more on improving her scores. Now she is very sincere and wants come here regularly. Ask her to come more frequently to the center to do the worksheets". Aanchal Said, "Its very easy to understand Physics if you teach me".

Student : Vishruth
Grade : X 2014
"Its Awesome!"

Student : Rajith (He took very few classes for doubts clarification at the time of exams)
Grade : IB - 2 2014
"Sir,because of you only I did very well in my exams. You helped me a lot in the last minute".

Student : Shreya
Grade : X 2014
Shreya's mother said, "She only studies if you (Uwezo) give the work. Ask her to come more frequently".

Student : Nitya Mangina
Grade : X (Last Year) 2014
You make everything simpler and easy.


Student : Aanchal
Grade : X 2014
Aanchal mother said that, "Thank you sir, now Aanchal is improving , she improved from 70% to 90%+, uwezo is very helpful, from now on wards i will send her more frequently to uwezo".

Student : Samnavitha
Grade : X 2014
"Sir, iam very scared of Paper-6 before, but after coming to uwezo now iam confident, i can get 50+/60, thank you."

Student : Druva
Grade : X (Completed) 2014
"Sir,Iam improving in chemistry, iam improved from 72% to 86%, my mother is very happy, now iam able to answer paper-3 questions without confusion, iam expecting grade-A".


Nitya G Reddy
Compared to the other institutions I have attended, UWEZO provided more personal attention and guided me better through the admission process. The faculty was interactive and always open to doubts and queries. The friendly atmosphere made them approachable and helped me to ask even the silliest of all questions. My entire experience was wonderful and stress free! Thankyou UWEZO! :)

Nainika Devireddy, 2015
I would just like to thank you for all your help throughout my college admission process, from SAT/ACT to the applications itself. I really appreciate the support you have given and the time you have put into reading my essays and clarifying my many doubts along the way. As a result, I have been accepted to: University of California, San Diego
University of California, Davis
University of California, Riverside (with scholarship and honors)
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Irvine
University of Southern California
Occidental College (with scholarship and honors)
Scripps College (with scholarship)
University of Washington, Seattle (with scholarship)
University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, Dallas (with scholarship)
Trinity University (with scholarship and honors)
Out of all, I am leaning towards attending UCSD for Neuroscience and Physiology.
Thank you again!

Rhea Cheeti, 2015 at Univ of Michigan
Thank you so much for all the guidance you've given me throughout the admissions process, as it's helped me get into a lot of good universities. Your help was invaluable, and I'm certain that without it, my essays and application would not have taken the shape they have.

Nirathi Alluri, 2015 at NYU
I just found out that I got into UT Austin :D Thank you so much for all your help, couldn't have done it without you!

Anamika, 2015
"I just wanted to thank you and raj sir for helping me with my college apps ! It really helped to have someone look into the small details especially when the design requirements are so extensive ! I couldn't have made it to Parsons without you guys !".

Peace Of Mind (POM)

Sridevi Alluri (PoM Parent)
"POM is providing a service I didn't know how badly I needed, till I enrolled my child in it. It's an institution that doesn't just focus on academic subjects, but also works towards the development of a child's personality by knowing his potentials and weaknesses and I would like to thank them for managing to do this, while maintaining a personal relationship with each student."

From parents of Student Avinash Boddu - Vasantha and Shekar Boddu
Vasantha Sekhar
Avinash joined the POM program that Uwezo offers in Grade 10 Our initial intent was for him to start meeting children from other schools and learn to socialise and collaborate with them on projects they feel passionate about. We feel he has learnt a great deal while working on two group projects under the guidance of uwezo team and learnt a lot about himself, his leadership style and how to collaborate and get work done by a team in a given time. This is an important life skill that I hope he will take with him. We also saw great value in the periodic evaluation that uwezo did on his overall readiness for college to help us figure out the areas he should focus on at each juncture. Overall Uwezo has been a great partner and guide to us as we work with Avi in helping him find his interests and create a solid path to college that best suits his personality and offers a great education in his areas of interest.

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