Top 5 SAT mistakes and how to rectify them
Top 5 SAT mistakes and how to rectify them

As one of the best SAT online coaching in Hyderabad, Uwezo Learning has worked with over a thousand students since its inception. Ninety-nine percent of them come to us with misconceptions about the test which ultimately leads to errors in their execution. These errors make us cringe because they are easily preventable! You need to take the time to learn about the SAT before taking the test. To help you along in this journey, here are the top 5 SAT Mistakes students make.

Omitting Too Many Questions

On the SAT, every time you can eliminate one or more answer choices, you should guess! The average student can eliminate at least one answer choice on 95% of the Reading and Writing questions. But, these same students leave 10-20% of these questions blank! There’s almost always one ridiculous answer in those questions, so eliminate it and take a guess.

Not Guessing in the Math Section

You are not penalized for wrong answers in the Student-Produced Response questions, aka “Grid-Ins.” For this reason, always make an educated guess on these questions!  If the question asks what fraction of the pizza remains, the correct answer isn’t 2! A better guess is 2/3.

Mis-bubbling the Answer Sheet

This is another reason that guessing is a smarter choice than not answering. If you omit an answer, you have to be meticulous when transferring answers to the answer booklet. If you skip a question, skip the corresponding bubble! Don’t accidentally bubble correct answers in the wrong bubbles. This is a very common mistake students make as during mocks they don’t use a bubble sheet. Uwezo is the centre where mocks are done in real bubble sheets and analytical reports are produced for you to know your mistakes to correct them.

Failing to Explain How Your Essay Example Proves Your Thesis

High school students are great at providing background information about their supporting evidence, but they often fail to connect their example to their thesis. If you use The Great Gatsby as an example, you need to explain not only who he was, but also why he is the perfect example of your main idea.

Underestimating the Math Section

Students in advanced math classes often underestimate the SAT because they think they have a solid understanding of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. These same students fall apart when a question about a concept you learn in third grade pops up. The SAT is not like an ordinary math test. The further you are away from basic math courses, the more you may struggle with the reasoning questions on the SAT. Also, on average students struggle to complete questions in 1 minute as on average, a student has 1minute and 5 secs for each question. We at Uwezo teach you tricks and tips to solve questions in under a minute. Want to see if you’re ready for the most difficult math questions? Enrol in our upcoming SAT Masterclass.

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