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Whether your dream school is Berkeley or Brown, Harvard or Northwestern, Boston or Austin, UCL or NUS, or anything in between, chances are we’ve already been there.Whether you’re applying to Engineering or Psychology, in the U.S., U.K., Australia or Singapore, you can count on us to present you in the best light possible – UG to PG. We guide you all the way from college selection, Statement of Purpose, essays and application process. With Uwezo Learning, your future is in good hands. When you need open heart surgery, don’t you shop around for the best surgeon? Why would you want anything less when it comes to college admissions!


Our counsellors have studied undergraduate and graduate programs from the U.S.A., so they know exactly what it takes to get into college. It’s not just your academics and SAT or ACT score that matter. Everything matters: community service, innovation, leadership activities, among others – anything that helps you standout. We know how college admissions officers think. Choosing the right college is the most important decision in a student’s life: don’t take a risk with any run-of-the-mill counsellor. Come to Uwezo Learning for a guaranteed admission.

College Essay Writing is an art, which Uwezo Learning has perfected over the last 10 years – it should not be taken lightly. Universities abroad are very interested in who you are, not just your grades or SAT score. As there is no entrance exam to these colleges, once you meet their academic criteria and SAT requirements, well-written essays can mean the difference between getting in or staying out. Don’t you think every student applying to University of Pennsylvania or Johns Hopkins University has excellent grades and top SAT scores? Then, how does a college admissions committee decide between 1000’s of applications? Uwezo Learning knows how! Talk to us.

A successful application must be accompanied by a good profile. These are things that one does outside the classroom. Remember, even if you’re topping your school, you’re still just one of 1000’s of student across the world striving to reach their dream school. So, if you think by attending a few MUNs and being a House Captain entitles you to admission into Duke University, you’ve got another think coming. What is Uwezo Learning’s advice? Start building your profile very early – 9th or 10th grade is perfect. Learn more about our College Prep Program called Peace of Mind™.

Contact Uwezo for a free 20-minute consultation, and we’ll help you understand the big picture. A wise man said, “It’s never too early to start planning for college.”  Send email to info@uwezolearning.com to set up an appointment.

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