Virtual Learning & Test Prep During COVID-19 Pandemic. How can it help you? |

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. This pandemic outbreak has not only affected the business sector, but it also caused a pause in the education system worldwide.

A lot of schools, colleges, and universities offered a promotion to students based on their previous grades, but those students who were preparing to get admissions to top-notch colleges and universities are facing this pandemic as an intense obstacle.

Some students might have joined online UG Admission Counseling or Career Counseling sessions for managing their studies online by consulting with education experts or professionals.

Most of the students switched to SAT Online Classes and ACT online Classes in Hyderabad to continue their studies virtually. But here, the question is, “ how virtual learning and test preparation can help students during this COVID-19 Pandemic?”

Well, virtual or online learning is far more valuable and useful than you think. According to a survey, 81% of US students find virtual or eLearning effective in improving their grades. [1]

Virtual Learning and Test Preparation

Millions of students appear in the SAT and ACT tests every year. The number of students appearing this year may be the same or even higher, but the learning mode has been changed for every student.

If you are one of those students who will start SAT Online Classes in Hyderabad virtually from home, you must know that virtual learning can help you even more than traditional learning.

Let’s have an insightful overview of the perks of virtual or online learning:

  • Accessibility of Lectures 24/7:

The students who are currently enrolled in ACT online Classes in Hyderabad may know about this most important benefit of virtual online learning. You can easily schedule your timetable at your own will.

You can take short breaks while preparing for your test using virtual online lectures. However, it is impossible in physical classes to take short breaks. You can take your lectures at any time of the day.

  • Increased Inclusivity:

Some students are shy in physical classes, or some may have some social anxiety issues, and they may be attending Career Counseling sessions as well.

For such students, virtual learning is the best way to enhance their contribution to class activities. If you are one of those shy students, then it will be a lot easier for you to attend your SAT classes virtually.

  • Greater Flexibility:

The pre-recorded virtual online lectures allow you to attend your lectures at any time of the day. You don’t have to worry about the fixed time class schedule, because you can watch recorded lectures any time, at any place.

  • Immediate Feedback on Learning:

Most of the virtual online classrooms provide an opportunity for immediate feedback. Students can easily submit their assignments and tests through online portals, and teachers can easily mark those tests and assignments virtually.

  • The opportunity of Virtual UG Admission Counseling

Some institutions are providing an opportunity for virtual UG Admission Counseling for the students who are stuck in making decisions about their careers. These virtual Career Counseling sessions are of great importance for a lot of students.

Uwezo Learning offers a 30-min free counselling session to newbies to decide if they want to go further with the counselling process.

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They allow you to think out of the box while choosing a suitable career for yourself. So, you can easily prepare for your SAT or ACT exam without stressing over which course you should choose in your college or university.

Wrapping Up

In short, the virtual online classes are of great benefit for students preparing for the SAT or ACT examinations. In fact, every student relating to any field finds it very useful in their educational journey. Uwezo’s students have enrolled themselves in some of the world’s best universities through excellent SAT and ACT scores. Uwezo Learning is one of the pioneers in online SAT coaching, ACT online classes and career counselling since 2010 while 25% of our students score above 1500 in the SAT. In the ACT Exam, our average score is 33 out of 36 with several 35’s and one 36, too! If you’re an SAT or ACT aspirant and searching for the best UG Admission guidance, look no further than UwezoLearning.