Webinar on Choosing the right college - 16th July 2020 8PM to 9 PM

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Thursday 8 to 9 PM

July 16, 2020
Raj Benjaram

Raj Benjaram has been a guidance counsellor for high school students for the last 12 years, starting in the U.S.A. Having completed undergrad and grad studies in America and working in Fortune 200 firms for 20 years, Raj knows exactly what employers seek in a fresh graduate – this allows Uwezo to help students look beyond just getting admitted. After working with hundreds of students over the years, Raj has a unique ability to connect with students while taking a holistic approach to college applications and helping applicants stand out in the crowd. One of his favorite sayings is, “If you’re gonna be a Ferrari, be a red one with a convertible top!” And having put two children through the rigor of undergraduate education in the U.S.A, Raj can instantly relate to the parents’ dreams and anxieties alike. The Uwezo Admissions Team has placed students in top universities in the U.S.A: UW Seattle, UC Berkeley, San Jose State, UCLA, Arizona in the west; UT Austin, Rice, Texas A&M, UT Dallas in the south; Duke, UNC, NC State, Harvard, UPenn, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Boston University in the east; and UIUC, Purdue, Northwestern, Chicago in the Midwest. Outside U.S.A: NUS, NTU in Singapore; King’s, UCL, Imperial in UK; McGill, Toronto, Montreal in Canada. “Google is great to locate the best Chinese restaurant. But for college admissions, look to Uwezo Learning!”

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What you will learn:

  • When to start college admissions process and why
  • What are the steps involved in college admissions process
  • What college is right for you?
  • What are college essays all about?
  • How can Uwezo Learning help you?